Hi there.

I design sewing patterns and I sew.

I was a programmer for 6 years and later become a writer. Before the writing after the programming, I got my fashion design diploma.

I've been sewing since I was about ten, when my feet could barely, just reach the foot pedal -- those sewing machines in  my childhood did not have electrical cords and motors, therefore, were powered by human energy. I had to wait until my legs were long enough to use the one in my house.

I didn't know there were patterns existed, not until I finished my university. When I was programming I got to know there were such things as patterns through McCall's catalogues. I subscribed them as magazines only to look at those styles and, the catalogues themselves were expensive beyond my understanding as being printed on nice papers and me just out of school. if I wanted a pattern I had to pay much more to order it. which I never did . I never used patterns anyway, I had the way of tailoring by drafting the thing directly on fabrics or just cut it without thinking(too bold to be true I guess).

Who could ever even imagine that one day, I would be drafting sewing patterns myself! not to mention it could be saved and downloaded as PDFs, print and paste and puzzle-ish virtual papers.

ok, my other passion. My first novel was published when my daughter was half year old. Ever since then I’ve been thinking (thinking only) about the second book. I tried to write more in English after we settled here in Canada, but I am giving it up because I just can’t stop sewing. Also writing in English is hard for me I think I am leaking losing draining my vocabularies.

I have two children. They both are my bosses. My husband, he is too.  Sometimes he thinks I am his boss.  While I have different opinions about that:)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a nice time reading my posts and please leave comments if you have any, if you don’t , force one, make up one, as my lovely daughter likes comments and she thinks I have too few, which is sad to her. my Chinese Blog has a lot of comments but she could not read that language, she will learn one day. You never know.


Tianfei/ Ada

LooopStyle *at* gmail *dot* com


  1. Hi! Ada I just popped by to say hello! You are a very talented designer and dressmaker !

  2. It is great, you have decided to finish your job and start completely different one! I want to do that too, but I am still a bit weak...

    1. Semtele, nice to see your here. It is just life, that carries us along :)


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