A nicer way to assemble PDF sewing patterns

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We think it is a nicer and faster way to assemble PDF sewing patterns, after cutting and pasting so many of them.

You don't need to tear off sticky tapes; or to tape both sides. 

If you have even better ways, please let us know.


one knife
one ruler
 one cutting board
one glue stick

1. Locate page numbers.

Page numbers are always located on the top-left corners of  pattern pages.
arrange them as shown.

2. Trim margins.

Trim the first row starts from the second column; trim off only left side of the margin.

Trim the first column starts from the second row; trim off only top side of the margin.

Trim off both top and left margins of remaining pages.

3. Paste rows.

Pasting one row at each time.

4. connect all rows.

You are ready to sew. 

Stay happy:)


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