Inside and out of The Dolman Sleeve Pullover Dress. plus more. (maria + cornejo, Alexandra WANG)

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My son spent 1 minute took a few pictures for me this morning before he had breakfast and before I combed my hair. I am grateful for his act, because the morning light looked so dreamy, it served my  dolman sleeve dress well.

Taking pictures is the big force against my blogging. I have to fight with it. As nowadays, however you are productive or creative, without taking photos or videos, you are nothing.period.

The fabric is olive colored raw silk, which I saved for a while. I like the final result. The looseness and simplicity of it is just what I craved.

I made the belt fat because I just used the fabric after I cut the under arm, so it shaped like this. I will make a slim one later.

Inside I just serged everything so I could make it faster, yet the neckline and the hem took a while with so many hand stitches to secure the bias band.

Two pictures to show the on-the-cutting-table views.

the fabric has a different width, not wide enough so I just left the sleeve hem selvaged and shorter.

I measured the length of the dress I wanted and just extended the pattern along the side seam, and redrew the curves just to have a bit of a change, I didn't really match the front and back therefore it was  not only easier but also achieved the unevenness, which is trendy and my style.

I found it is a torture for me to make the same thing twice.

I have to change a bit here and there, or just to make two sizes of the same thing helps.

Yesterday I found in the store a perfect top shaped just like my dolman sleeve pullover, as least they look like the same to me. Maybe you will laugh about it but as I fiddle around this pattern put it on and off my 3-D models Sara and Tina, I do feel so so familiar with the shapes of the pieces.

It is this one from new york designer maria + cornejo. The fabric is cotton with a unique texture, bold prints, quite structured.. well structured top is not my thing as I am self conscious, almost nervous about the shape of my arms not want to emphasis them more.

The design looked very attractive, plus the feel of the cotton, plus the price tag of $650, and the impossible-ness of physically possessing it.

anyways, it is okay to paste two screen shots I assume.

also I'd like to paste a few dolman slv tops, knits, here, just to trace back my intention of making this pattern. and be rid of them to lighten up my phone's storage burden.

one day, right in the morning before my coffee,  I started to wondering about a loose fitting dolman sleeve top , just to cover my shoulders and to feel roomy and comfy while I the wheather is nicer so I don't need a jacket anymore.

this kind of sleeves are not designed for jackets, maybe ponchos or capes:)

Lastly, before I turn off my screen, one more design to load, it is not dolman slv top.

I like it. it is a leather jacket designed by Alexander wang. my favorite one. Just so lovely.. and as you can see, the key words matchs! Dolman sleeve tops,, so good, they are somehow related.

Until next time!
I decide not to care about capital letters what so ever.


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