Huggy Tee for kids pattern and sew along.

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My daughter has been suggesting that I need to make kids' patterns too.
and I got a request for the Huggy tee for kids. So, really a great chance to finalize a pattern that I've been using all the time.


I've been sewing for my kids and their friends' birthdays all these years ever since they were born. 

The great thing about sewing for kids is they grow fast and you can always sew new things. 
If you love sewing you know what I mean.

For me another great thing is both my kids have their own "styles" and preferences. I know what they would wear. It is quite frustrating when they refuse to love the clothes I make after I finish them. I learned from that and now, I always consult with them before I cut the fabrics.

Once they like it, I keep making the same things using the same patterns just one size up one size up again. Choose their favorite colors also an important point to remember.

Sometime I like they like those "color days" at school.

Today is pink day, no bully.
Tomorrow is sports day, and they have group colors.
I feel so good when these sewing excuses come up.
Sit down and sew for my kids;a super good reason for my passion to exist.

But, how fast they are getting taller!

 It makes me happy and sad at the same time whenever I realize it.

I made 3 colors this time.

I used bamboo knit for the black ; pink one was said to be also bamboo but I suspect maybe it is something else ; the yellow one is cotton knit.

This pink one I didn't attach the neck band. 

This black one is cut short, without neckband, and one size up, so it sits a little loose.

It is a body hugging  tee so the actual tee is smaller than the child's body. so it has to be made in 4 way stretch knits.

To know how stretch your fabric is click: Stretch Fabric Guide

A simple sew along.

Thank you and happy sewing!

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