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The last post of my 21 post project.


I suppose I "made a habit".

I will be doing more.

It is really cold and windy today. Almost all the leaves are gone now.....Still some left, I will be watching them everyday to appreciate the remaining fall...

So, some warm things for today's post.

I made the hats, neck warmers and tights.(Penguin costume left over) and (The Tights is part of Lorax costume. )

Using the free patterns offered by Extreme Materials and Gears.

They fit all very well. I like the very thin lines of the patterns. Save ink..I Enjoy saving ink and paper...Only thing is the pattern doesn't have page numbers and matching marks and all sorts of test squares. 

(The patterns are quite manly, compare to all the women designers all over the planet. Man pdf patterns even smell different;)

Do check them out if you live in cold places.

I am good at matching lines and puzzles so it went well. The tights, very fabric-saving. I like it. It has the crotch wedge so just a tiny bit of fabric can make a pair of very warm pants to go under a pair of water proof pants and ready for ski.

I am ready for ski. 

Below are 3 tees I made the same day with my son's tees. so, everybody deserves one.

Black and orange, it is a holiday theme.

I will be back soon;)


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