1 post / day Day 8: Making a Sand Frog

I am so happy that I wrote it down...21 projects, 1 post per work day.

So, I have to keep my words. and whatever small it is. I am posting!

Today is the smallest project, the sand frog's turn.
Heavy and stern, it sits right here beside my keyboard.

The other day when visiting the Cannery museum, in the gift shop we saw some sand frogs were sold for  2 dollar 50 cents each. 

We took a picture and decided to make it later. 

This is the one in the store.

We made a smaller one with straight hind legs......

One day Yi was bored, we started to work.

This was the "pattern".

I did sew all the seams around twice using my sewing machine..

It was very hard to turn it inside out.

All the time I was thinking how the factory workers sew these frogs for a few cents and may be they can manipulate the corners really fast for the little paws. It was hard for me.The fabric kept being punched into the needle hole as my machine has quiet a big hole there..and I had to keep the seam allowance very small as you can see there is no choice.

There you go. Happy weekend.


  1. He's darling! I'm thinking maybe he'd be a tiny bit easier 2 sew if you first cut and sewed the top halves, then use that as our pattern for the bottom, by laying it on the bottom fabric, then sewing around that and only after that, cutting out the whole thing.


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