1 post / day Day 20. One Pattern So Many things==Sewing for the teen

This is a hoodie I made in the summer for my teen boy(It fits me just right). Now it is somewhere lost in the school's lost and found maybe. Yesterday, I decided I needed to make more tee shirts for him.

He just doesn't care a single bit about fashion. what to wear.
As long as the thing is comfortable and not colorful, and nothing fancy on it. and Not tight.

And  I discovered two more jackets I made from this same pattern using non stretchy fabrics. so here are all of them. 

I can't stop making tee shirts; now I have a cover stitch machine.Jersey fabrics started to appear in my place. stretchy, sporty fabrics..Just basics. Nothing fancy, for the family. 

The original hoodie.

This jacket I made for my son but he didn't want it. So it is mine. A bit tight if I zip it up. Tolerable. Acceptable.  I should have graded it a size up since I was using corduroy and planing to make it lined. I was not thinking.

This one below is one size up. With a different hood shape.

This fabric is bit stiff .It is like some kind of form..I bought it because it is double sided and fleece like. The sewing was really, barely acceptable, but the shape of the jacket is nice. He likes it.

I can see myself making another one for him and an colorful one for myself using this one size up and 3D hood version.

This one below is suppose to be a failure. As I didn't grade up and used thick fleece as lining. But turned up my daughter is crazy about it. Now it is rainy and windy , she wears it every single day.
I had to add two more pockets on top of the original ones for her to reach the bottom of them, and she is happy she has 6 pockets.
The fabric is super water proof and it is fun to watch all the rain drops gather on the 'coat', and she likes to shake them off.


  1. Great hoodies! Pity one has disappeared in the lost and found!

    1. Thanks! I will make more:) Everyday I see jackets laying around the playground at school.

  2. Will you have these patterns on Etsy, eventually? The world needs more teen boy patterns. :)


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