1 post /day day 18. The huge skirt and the elegant top

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I am happy to post before it is midnight.

This is not my design, I cut and made this set for a student designer. I think she did a great job drafting the pattern, the top, especially.It has at least 25 pieces. elaborate.. I'd really love to make another top, but what for?

Sewing can be a great pleasure. Just sometimes, I think it is a waste to make something that nobody is going to really wear. I am not a special occasion fun.

The skirt is huge. I had no time and no way to style it. It is too long for my dress form; and the top is too small for it, so it wasn't zipped up at the back.

This post is not like a instagram. Now I know the difference between them is blogging is harder but you can put more pictures in one post. Great find, I guess, after 18 days of blogging.


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