1 post / day Day 16: Backless Mexican Dress

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I made this for a girl for her trip to Mexican.

A few things about dressmaking that I gathered over the years.

Clients's side:

* You'd think people with irregular body shapes would like to get things made for them. No. They are very regular shaped and usually extremely beautifully shaped.

* Girls like long dresses when take vacations elsewhere. They want to flow..to be flowy.

* You expect a pattern they have in mind. Not really.

* They think some dresses that are very very simple... Often not so. It is hard for them to know many layers are there in the simple dresses.

* You think they would send a picture to you...No.

My side:
* Very hard for me to ask for pictures. My own issue about asking.

* I like dressmaking for people. Definitely, Infinity.

* I want a better place for taking pictures.. A place without cars in the back ground:(


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