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I finished my daughter's costume, and am putting this pattern for download.

She decides what she wants to be every year and I am happy I can handle a penguin, a bat, or a chicken.

At some point during the summer she said she wanted to be a tornado, and that did put me to worry about it for a while.

Luckily she changed her mind.

Hope there will be more penguins around, and all covered up faces.

I said why don't we make a hat separate from the body so it will be cute, and easy for you to take on and off and easy for you to breathe?

But no.
She wanted it to be covered up.

It really did the job. I don't think anyone will recognize her when she wear this to school.

I took some pictures during the sewing process. Hope they would be some help to you if you decide to sew up a penguin. Actually it can be a lot of animals, depends on what kind of fabric you use, the color is the key. I think if you use pink and put a snout, it may look even like a pig.

(I will be remake this into a hoodie for her right after Halloween. I like this fabric, warm and comfortable. the top 2 things on my lists when I sew for my own kids.  And I am always saving the planet;)

About the pattern:

* A4 or Us Letter paper print

* Designed for 8 years old girl. (130cm tall)

* 8 pieces given

* 2 files included . 
One is 25 pages, no overlapping pieces.
the other one is 14 pages, some pieces are overlapped.

* Fabric is stretchy. If use non stretchy fabric, enlarge arms and head pieces.

Download the pattern here.

How to make it.

Click here to see her bat costume.

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  1. Oh wow, mine just kicked the bucket! I just bought a new one for $5.00, one that is so ugly generic! I can't wait to make one for each of the changing holidays! You are awesome,! Tfs!how to use embroidery sewing machine


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