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Today's post is about a pair of Pants I made for Naomi.

She is Vancouver’s famous storyteller who is  going to travel around the whole planet without taking an airplane starts this November. She will be stopping at various countries to perform and giving out workshops, making a living using her words and her telling of words. 

I had the good luck to attend one of her workshops to learn the skills of storytelling, and me, ended up performing in front of a few hundreds of people including the mayor of our city. Imagine what a good teacher she is. “Great teachers produce good students”-one of our old sayings. 

I offered to make her a pair of pants to go with her corset that made from her grandfather’s ties.She gave me a piece of canvas and her ideas was something that connects French, Sailors, Clowns, Goose, Big Pockets, Male?.

It was very hard for me to grasp her mind at the beginning. But I did enjoy her stories about meeting Dalai Lama and her staying in the Himalayas. 

We agreed to look for pictures.

I found pants like these.

then doodled something like this.

She said my design looked "fun".

then I  made a sample like this.

(......sorry pictures lost)

And We spend more than an hour to decide the length. It came out the sample was the right length. (Again, I enjoyed her telling of her all kinds of stories. )

She found 12 buttons from her button drawer..and some very cute fabric as the lining. so, these are the pants for the story teller Naomi from goosefeather.ca who is going to take her stories around the world.

I went to her show at this year's Vancouver Fringe festival and enjoyed her story tremendously that connects French, sailors, goose, clown, grandfather, measurement, and life.

This is the dim pic I took using my phone. so you can see the buttons are there.

Right now she is" packing, cleaning, visiting, leaving her home of 6 years, beginning a voyage around the planet, and her heart is filled nostalgia and vague melancholy...however, adventure calls! game on! "

Naomi is an inspiration. Fearless for one thing. If I were about to go around the planet I would have to have tons of gold coins and thousands of princes and queens waiting for me in all the countries. 

Her next show will be occidental California November 29th.And she is looking for “ connections to folks in Australia (Melbourne and up the East Coast) ". "who might have a place for me to lay my head or who would be interested in producing a show or hosting a workshop. I will be there for the month of January. :)email!

So please If you know anybody who would like to host her, to set up a show or some workshops in any country around the planet, email her or follow her adventure.

She will be posting 3 lines and 1 photo each day during her trip according to her plan. Very stingy I have to say.

But she is mysterious and poetic in a way.

Good luck Naomi.

Talking about Melbourne . I will do another post about Elizabeth .


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