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So little time to sew if you blog or go out walking or shopping.

This is what I did..Did sew in the morning. Then I sent lunch to school. Walked a bit around the neighborhood and eventually I went downtown for fabrics. It is just a super nice day I couldn't help staying outside for the sun was really warm and inviting.

I went to Dressew Maybe everybody sews in Vancouver knows Dressew. I usually go there as the price  is reasonable and they have a lot of choices, and the place is accessible by Skytrain, as I am not good at parking parallel along the curb. I can always drop by designer's fabrics.    which is very close. But today I didn't as I have little time before picking up my daughter. I really like it there, a small store, often quiet, and not fancy or super neat, but I like it that way.
ok, a little bit about fabric stores  in Vancouver. I want to go to fabric time someday. and rokko's. I went to a spool of thread a few times and liked it there. The Fabric land is very close to my place, but for some reason I don't like it at all, sorry.

(Tonight there is my son's meet the teacher will starts soon. in an hour I need to fix up dinner before that.)
I've never done on line fabric shopping yet! here in Canada. First I always want to touch the fabric which I can't do on line; second it is often cost a lot for the shipping to Canada thing. I don't have a post office down south for online shopping purpose, maybe I should really try that.

Again, I don't want to drive all the way to the States to get my fabrics that's not very nice to the planet earth.

But I saw that spool of flower they have a free shipping day and they do it EVERYWHERE. So probably I should also check that out?

These are what I got.All knits and jersey. All solid color..Mainly for my son's pants and tee shirts and my daughter's costume(penguin).

 Yes, I sew everything, even underwear.

My son, he only wears tee shirts, hoodies, sweat pants. And only black white navy grey. Before he liked jeans, not after he found out there are sweat pants available.

Nothing fancy. But I always feel good after fabric shopping.

The thick black textured fleece is for the penguin.Every year I make sure my girl's costume is very, very warm.  The top two are bamboo knits I am planning to make two tees for my friends.

 By the way, For all the tee patterns that I've tried I like the tonic tee the best!! and It is free. Do try it out. I often choose one size smaller so it gets a good tight fit.

I am off cooking and teacher meeting and see you tomorrow.

There will be the Noelle Top pattern goes into some of your email boxes. Hope you will find time to sew one. and yes, tomorrow I will be posting some pictures for the sewing steps I did.. which probably is not necessary. But , still.

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  1. Thanks for the great tip about free spoon flower shipping! I'll save the date!


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