1 post / day Day 10: Another Noelle Top and Another Free Pattern coming.....

 Hi, Dear Blog.

After announcing yesterday's free pattern giveaway, I found out there are lots and lots of free patterns on the net, and I am so happy that so many of you still liked my small and humble pattern...maybe still want to squeeze some time from your schedule to make one. Think about that, I am happy.

I will be sending out the pattern Friday! Thank you for your comments.

Today, my husband works at home so I don't feel like blogging so much. I can't blog when there is people in the house...Especially today after reading yesterday's post and found out there were so many grammar problems.

Top one of the list will be the subject and verb thing.
In my own language there is no such thing as verb changes . One person eats /many people eat/ it is just EAT. period.

But I should be thankful that I don't live in Quebec anymore, all those French verb changes will completely shut me up on the internet I will just go directly back to my Sina blog where everybody understands my thing. btw, I heard Russian's verb changes are even more complicated. ? ..

Please correct my grammar.Thank you in advance if you do so. I might trade patterns with corrections. 5 mistakes for 1 pattern if that is fair.

Today I am posting another Noelle top I made. This one I slashed the back into 2 pieces and did this look below to use up my fabric scrapes.

I like black.

Of course who doesn't ?

But in real life I am told so often not to wear black too much, as I tend to look tired and old when I am in all blacks. So, I did lots of black plus floral prints this past two seasons.

Here is another project and I am planing also to give away this low cut pants pattern.

But it will only be one size. If you are size small or uk 10, us 0/2, this will be for you. 

Stay tuned until I get the pattern cleaned up and ready for A4 and US paper.

Drafting patterns are much more easier than cleaning up and get them ready for the home printers.

Blogging is even harder.

Here are the 3 views of the pants.

Thank you and happy sewing:)


  1. Your pant is too cute :) I am following your blog newly.. Eager to see whats coming up more . I sew a lot too. And have a simple blog LOL

    1. Hi Diya, Thank you. I hopped over to your blog. It is very sweet your style! will be poring over it regularly.


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