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This summer! Pleasant and long.

Most of the time I played and sewed and crafted with my daughter. The boy is having his own private computer time and we let him. 

and finally. The Kids started school yesterday, after 3 months teacher's strike. 

I'am going to push myself a bit, as I really forgot how to speak English. 

I was totally mentally adsorbed by the idea of a "21 days sewing blog post challenge " to give myself some pressure, until I opened this blogging system and typed in my password, which surprisingly, I did not forget. I saw my unfinished "101 reasons to sew", I did one reason.

so here goes. 
another reason to sew is to print on the things you sew.

I think it is a proper reason.

 Step 1

Print out the template (which I spend sometime to drew and trace)
and cut it out. 

remember to tape the loose part (for not losing it)

most templates don't have loose parts but for this flamingo, I like it's standing-on-one-leg pose.

(Keep the template as an art dec piece for a day or two...which I usually do.)

Secure the cut out stencil using weights.
and paint.

Sprinkle some  sparkles. optional or just use sparkling fabric paints.

wait until dry (24 hours ?)and iron.

Sew a Tee shirt using your painted fabric.

Will post another post tomorrow and continue everyday for 21 work days.


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