1 Post/Day 2: More Tops

I woke up around 3 am. This has been my sleep pattern for a while. I am always puzzled by the feeling that was in me around 3 am---I can’t do anything. 

The mind is eager to be alert and the body is aching to go back to rest.

I do exercise regularly?Yes I do. I just tell people to exercise for whatever trouble they have in their lives; and people tell me to exercise whenever I have tiny complaints. So, that is suppose to be the one-size-for-all cure.

Ok. It is irrelevant to sewing. Did I promise to blog only about sewing?

I did promise to post 21 projects. 

So the first thing on my list to day is to sit down with Sarah Brightman’s divine high note voice, looking through my picture folders.

I found more linen things that I did last month. and also these more tops. 
Here are some of the pictures.

Lotus top version two---I changed the sleeves slightly so it has more room for arm lifting.( heavy lifting I suppose like dumb bells.) Also I did alter the pattern files so it has many layers each contains one size and it is need to be listed soon, very soon. Je l'ai promis.

Also, pockets. If you look carefully you can see one  on this leaves print top.

I am listing this floral top on my shop site. 

It has been worn only once for this photo shoot. 

I made this one for the pattern fitting and pictures.
I love this 100% cotton fall leaves  print but I don't wear prints that often.

It should fits a person with bust measurement 82cm to 87cm (32 inch to 34 inch) 
The side seams (from underarm to hem) measures 35.5 cm (14inch)

It is a size Small
UK size 8/10 
US size 2/4
EU size 36
Japan Size 11

Click here if you are interested.

This is a linen sleeveless version that I made for one of my designer client. 
It is an interesting design 2 tone style.

100% linen. She ordered high quality linen from Denmark. 

It is made to order to order please send me a note.

And this is the last one for today's post.

It is a top that I wear a lot made from Japanese cotton. The fabric is coarse almost like hand woven, I still have some of the fabric so I can still make some more if it interests you.

please click here for price and send me your measurement Via Email. I can then make it and send it to you.

I am trying to post some of my stuff  on my much neglected store, hoping I will have less of them.

I like sewing clothes and pattern making, but in real life , and in Vancouver, as a mom, I am really not fashionable, at all. I don't wear cloth----this maybe the thing. I put on something and sew and type and click my mouse button go downstairs to do my stationary bike that is about all that happens in my life.

OK.,enough about my life. Thanks for dropping by.
See you tomorrow. 


  1. Such a cute line … the fabric of the first one is gorgeous!

  2. Sasha , Thank you .That is very sweet of you:)

  3. Looks great! Thankyou for your comment an email. I printed out the revised pattern and cut fabric today. Hopefully I'll have this version on the blog within the week. I especially love that linen version!


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