Tuto: From Huggy Tee to Maxi

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This tutorial is to show you 
1: How to lazy stamping. the laziest kind.
2: How to alter a Tee shirt pattern to a maxi dress pattern.

This was my last Friday afternoon project.

I called it a lazy project, because I was in a lazy mood coming home from my volunteer facilitating meeting, after candle lights and yoga stretches and talking about our Mums as it was for celebrating mother's day. Last week. 

Now it seems so so remote.
Only one week, if you think about it.
The world is totally changed.

No one talks about Mums any more except for those who call you Mum. They still call you everyday, which is very comforting.

Think about the comfort.
The things don't change much.

Step 1 : Use knit, jersey. Light weight. It is a long dress don't make it heavy.

You will need:
Acrylic paint. craft foam piece cut into a circle. a piece of wood. a tray. a brush. 
Glue the circle onto the wood block. Paint the foam using the brush,
and go on stamping. 

My stamp was from another project which I used black.

Heat set by ironing each dot for about 10 seconds using cotton setting.(what I did)

Then sew the dress.

Pattern making 

It doesn't have to be the particular Huggy tee; any tee shirt pattern that you think may fits your need. Either loose fitting ones or semi fitted ones, I personally like the maxi top to be fitted and tight. It is absolutely your own choice.

Click to see big pictures!

 Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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