Lotus top Remake.


Yesterday's project.

I wanted to make a longer lotus top.

But ended up layering two together.

Here is the result.



It was not very easy to sew something so delicate.

The key is to stay cool.
and patient.

Like once I was talking about I love men who like fishing.
and a man asked me why.

I said because they must be very patient.
(my man never fish so it was just my assumption )

and the man. He laughed in a surprising way.
no way! he said.

Men who fish are all short tempered. They fish so they can practice so they can become a little bit patient if that is what we are talking about. 


I thought, really so? then I remembered people commented about my sewing. It must because you have lots of patience in you....and I protested, I claimed that I was the most impatient person in the world if there was a contest for impatience I would have won the silver medal.

Who knows.
Men who fish.
Women who sew.

The curve at the back actually is easy for this fabric is so soft. silk. it is.

Cap sleeve.

The inside layer just sergered without folding.

Double layered, lined. 
So it is done without bias tape. Just understitching.

Inside out.


  1. It truly resembles a lotus flower ...
    I have no patience either ... but lack of patience doesn't mean lack of passion :)

  2. wouahou! it looks so nice! What a great idea! I have to try!!!!


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