I am making a video

I am happy that I got the opportunity to be one of the lucky people participating the digital story telling project sponsored by our local library and city art council. we will be making a short video and get to show them later, in the fall.

I was very excited as I've never thought about making a video, how easy it is or how hard. This time it is like a homework, an assignment. I can only finish things under pressures like such. I guess it is the education, the oriental style education made me so, only work if it is for homework.

I will be posting some pictures that I am going to collect for my digital story. Later we will be trained by a handsome guy in the Mac Lab. I am not a mac person, about 20 some years ago I've touched it a bit.

Anyways,  I am happy.

And this is the photo I did the first night I decided to join. My girl is really happy with the result!


  1. Good for you Ada! I find trying new things always exciting!

  2. wonderfull, gorgeous! just fabulous!;)


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