Y is for Y darts

Pursuing fashion speeds your life up. now I know.

I woke up around 4 this morning and found out that nobigdill Katy instra messaged me.

It is indeed a big dill!

I thought, well yes I sure would follow Y that is why I made the dress...just it is too long. and

I got up 5:30 to shorten it! it involved with not only shorten the dress, I took the whole lower part off added one more pocket and re did the zipper. 

I am a person who never gets up before 7:30.

and then I thought I might take some pictures when my daughter finishes school we can even go out and take pictures with the tree flowers all around . and they are going to be gone as it is said tomorrow is going to rain.

and Katy's blog is up there already.

I am all rushed up.

all pictures are took in a hurry. I wonder if I did wash my face.

no time to share the untidy pattern today. maybe later.

If you don't have long zippers around, do it like I did. use a shorter one. plus some buttons.
never go to the store. too much temptation!!

It is very cold still, therefore the snow boots. Glad no one saw me rushing madly to put my two layers of jackets on afterwards. 


  1. i love the Y in the front. Very clever.

  2. What a nice graphic effect you created between the darts, the buttons and the fabric stripes Love it :)


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