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I am sharing a tutorial.

How to make the X top pattern by adjusting Japanese Bunka Sloppers.

I am a fun of Japanese Bunka Slopper, for many many years.
Sometimes I  use the other guy's, ALDRICH, actually more and more. Sometimes Joseph-Armstrong. You can't avoid these names if you are a pattern maker.. Big hugs for them.

First, Draft your own Sloppers.

Then, Follow the steps bellow.

Ask me if you have questions.
Correct me if you find any errors.
Thank me if you find this useful.

Also, If you are a nobigdill's fan. You can't avoid using black and white. it is absolutely IMpossible!

I thank her, without her page I can't do any letters and have no motivations to update this blog.

The super girl : no big dill and a bunch of little dills

I am a black and white person too. But I do plan to make one with , Black , White, Grey, Red.

Just wait. I have to write it down so I could do it. or else I just completely forget.

How about you?

Any colour suggestions for this colour block X-top?

Happy Sewing!


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