W is for Wishing for Wings

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I remember I had countless dreams about flying, when I was younger.I mean before I ever took an air plane. sometimes it was fleeing from an evil thing, I could just took off effortlessly in my dreams, like a feather. it was that made me wonder: maybe I am good at 3 dimensional imaginations -- I could see . I could see rivers and such, small houses and animals running around  even without the experience of actual flying.

how I've wished. even still wishing.


I've been missing linking with nobigdill Katy so much.

I missed some letters, but they will come.


Last night I did list my first pattern.
It was quite an anxious experience. anxiety of waiting and wishing is swallowing me.
working is the best way to deal with it.

(then we will go out and skiing.spring is here. also is the spring break.)

I am posting my up coming pattern---YuKi blouse here.
Yuki means snow(Japanese). this pattern is for one of my girl friends whom I lost contact to. her name. also, her style.

I tend to not capitalize my first letter. if my daughter sees me doing this she surly will correct me.

maybe later I will capitalize them, that is after my 8-year-old editor sees this post.


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