Tutu Tutorial

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You will need:
ruler, serger, sewing machine, ruffle foot.

1. Cut 10 cm and 15cm wide strips. long long long ones.

Fold the Fabric twice to reduce the cutting stress.

I did not mark the actual width .......should be 10 cm, 15 cm, and 30 cm(for inner layer.)

maybe I was worrying about inches or cms. which is better?

ruffle them all at one edge.

ruffle the inner layer and sew it up as a wide skirt.

layered outside. 
as a tower.

this is the inside of the tower.
you will expect to see lots of fraying flying threads.
which is normal.
this is the time to start up your serger, serge and serge all the seams, inside and out.

After the serger finish its work.
everything will look much better.

clean finish.

now, pin the inside layer and the out side tower together around the waist.
sew them together.

Add on a waist band(I chose stretchy fabric straps.)

and insert elastic!

You are done.

Thank you.

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