L is for lotus roots. sew all 26!


‘Lian’ is lotus in Chinese.
It also starts with a L.
and linen, and lace. (linen skirts with lace hemming below:)

We say a person is as light as a lotus, only to describe a woman.
That means she is peaceful, naturally balanced, elegant and beautiful.

Block printed with this . 

Printing fabric with these things can be very addictive.
Once you start it you can't stop.

If you want to do it, better prepared with lots of fabric to satisfy the needs to paint, punch, push plus press----maybe I should say these p words when it is p's turn.

it is again, a very good exercise , this sew all 26, for my English composition and spelling.

and I am going to name this tank top Lotus Top...a perfect name. you may notice that It is trendy to name your patterns if you design them on your own, independent, that probably also means alone.

I am hoping for the time, to put all the odds and ends together and post this Lotus Top and Skirt pattern soon.

Look it has an opening at back, semi fitted, can be made longer or shorter.

I love it. will make some black ones and printed ones.

sew, until next time.


  1. So cool! I don't recognise what you ar printing with? Is it a fruit?
    I've just discovered your blog - through your etsy shop - where I am about to get a pattern.
    Greetings from Malta....

    1. Thanks for visiting :)Francesca. It is a vegetable, for Asian people. It can be found in Asian groceries stores. They look different from the pictures here because I thought people might know.. they are chubby and long....I am going to update this post with some pictures of them.


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