I is for India


My beautiful friend Hiral is Hindu.  Saturday was her new year and we were invited to her house to spend the night.

I attended numerous of her chanting parties but I never dressed up and have always kept my low profile and ZEN-black-grey-navy-or-jean style.

I felt a bit guilty about that. so there came the flowered dress for Yi.

Fabric was brought as a present from Hiral's mother. a lovely soft cotton with yarn embroidered flowers and vines.

I said it is not really Indian style though, but my girl was really happy about it and said, it is Indian enough!

I am a Chinese and this is much Indian too me.

ever since I met Hiral 3 years ago, I grew intensely fond of India and Indian everything.

the food. oh.

the colors.

the music.


look at it.

How can I ever sew a real Indian dress ever using my bare hands?

and, I also had a top from the same fabric and PANEL SKIRT. 22 panels======a whole day sewing for one single skirt. but you can't see this really in this photo but I will post it when it is P's turn, by then I should probably be making another Panel skirt, as it is really lovely! if you for some reason, maybe to practise compassion,  want to experience a sweat-shop-garment-worker's day, do the panel skirt.


  1. It goes without saying I would love to win this pattern ! But more importantly I am sooooooo excited that you are thinking of dabbling into embroidery patterns .Embroidery is my favorite thing of all time <3.
    take care

  2. Yes, I too have dusted off my sewing machine and have fabric drying on the line as I write this! you would have thought the styling would have been updated by now, the same as it was in the 80s!


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