H is for humming bird

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My daughter is a huge humming bird and birds in general fun. She finished reading all the bird books in her school library and Metrotown branch of our public library which is close to our house. I had made many stuffed birds over the years for her, now I am writing this and I am thinking I may need to put my bird pattern collection on my agenda later.

also recently I was hooked by Regan sleeve. I can't get enough of them.  Regan sleeve hoodies were made for me, my son, and her. then with the pattern ready it was just too easy to do more. On a specular moody day I sat there sergered two smaller Tees in a flash just to get my emotional waves under control. Tees ready and a much more calmed me also surfaced from my basement sewing room.

the black fabric was a piece from shortening a long dress, the sleeves are from some outcast, ready to be discarded, too-small-to-do-anything-except-for-toys stash.

She was very happy to have the bird but was grumpy that it was a bit short to cover her tummy as she is passionate about her monkey bar activities.

later she said I should lengthen it with pinkish and ruby color fabric as the throat is pinkish and ruby-ish.

She liked the 3-D wings as one of them can flap and I promised I will make another humming bird that has two wings both free to go.

all in all, I just can not help pleasing her all the time.


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