H is for Hoodie

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The picture below on the wall was my girl's art work when she was in day care. preschool, maybe. it's been there for a long time and I found that it suits, generally, all my sewing works, strange enough. 

 and she stopped wanting to be an artist so I don't have a replacement and don't want to replace it now.

I think I will keep showing this piece of art for a while. 

 I drafted the pattern using illustrator and I am hoping I can get it graded soon so I can just sew one after one as she is growing kind of fast to follow. I will use the same pattern forever and forever as the Ragen sleeve and hood seem so relax and practical. it's been in for how long? I can see every single person in Vancouver just wears the hoodie and wonders around everywhere. 

or maybe I am mistaken as I do live just next to the high school and like to watch  fresh boys and girls pass my window twice daily. 

originally the hood was kind of hugging her sweet face.
later I had to change it due to the slight struggle she had to go through to pull it down her head. 

it was not that tight.
but it was HUGE for her to mess up her hairstyle when she was very late in the morning and barely have time to brush her teeth. so HUGH that it beyond my understanding. I never cared about my hair except when I was ordered to get it cut short almost from the roots and the barber used to shave us around the neck when I was her age.

I will, have another pattern ready that not only has a hood hugs cheeks warmly, but also is wide enough to slide down gracefully along the head, smoothly, without brush any single hair awry. ha


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