G is for Green

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I did have lots of Thoughts about g.

I thought that g was a hard letter for sewing. 
that was about it.

I got all those colours ready, ideas buzzing in my head for a while, and then, 
I did nothing.

so I just dug out a few old pictures.
once upon a time,
I tested a pattern using my couch fabric..
just to fill this post

it turn out OK except for lacking a good photographer or else
I might come up with "a disappearing dress" --- that was my original idea, a disappearing dress.

no where to disappear though, eventually, I appeared. clear and solid.

Thanks Katy. 

                                                            no excuse for bad photos!

but it is always Okay , it is okay.

it is not a big deal. 


the truth is I can never just TEST a pattern, I have to have the test beta version wearable, lovable and keep-able, and lots of times I just get one test version done and go ahead for another pattern testing.

that is how I work and play.

I think  many women are like that out there testing and loving their handmade home-sewn clothes!


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