E is for Ears

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I really want to say something about rabbits.....

I had two real ones as pets when I was little. 
they were dark grey.

they stayed outside and had their own build-by-my-dad kind of box styled wooden house.
they run away, escaped daily by gnawing away their fence-styled wooden door..

we run after them daily. 
that was our sports.

and my dad,
he always fix the door using wood again, probably we did not have much other materials for craft? or he 
might be secretly 
wanting us to run after them,
for sports and 
or he wanted them to be free?

later, my father had about 80 rabbits, 
all white,
snowy white and fluffy.
red eyes, like jewels. 
He had them for their fur.
we raised them like farmers.

My dad, the man, built a lot of , a LOT, box styled wooden houses,
stacked them together as a community. 
they couldn't see each other as they were in their individually assigned  boxes.but
they probably could hear.....so, they were not lonely, were they, I wonder?

they never run away, not once.
Because, my dad,
build the door using wires.

oh, my dad.

I had the tutorial ready. I just don't have time tonight.

maybe later. 

NOW....It is Here. I got it done just the next day......

so have fun and make the rabbit.


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