C is for Color of Chocolate Chip Cookies

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It was only for testing the pattern I drafted for my Regan sleeved Jacket. 

But it was hard for me to just test and throw away  any thing, as always. After shortened it a little here and there, leaving the pockets stylishly low, plus adding an inside big secret pocket specially designed for left handed genius boys.  I officially declared that I was making the Jacket for him. 
He likes it.
and he thinks two lines of buttons look NICE.

Today, my teenage boy, he not only did the laundry,  but also agreed to be my model.

I think I want to live longer !
 for sure.
very very long, better still.

I am happy to be close to my hero, no big dill Katy.
Here is for you. Katy! The color of the cookies.


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