Handmade dress form

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finally I  had it made.

This is my handmade poly& fabric craps stuffed duct tape dress form.
exclusively, only made  for me.
by my son.

making  a dress form of my own, a casting of my life long given imperfect upper body , this was one of those things I need to do before I die.... (I will think and put down other things on that site)

 First I need to introduce the big technician, the short-tempered teenage artist, my son.

look he was proud of my arm-- the starting project.

if you ever want to make a dress form, please do test it with the arm first. I was very lucky that it struck me as necessary, otherwise I might have been suffocated and my son would have probably gotten angry and left me alone. abandoning me, like leaving a fish out of its tank.

an arm form is easy to make, and doesn't take long.

we wrapped the arm with food wrapper before wrapping it with duct tape.pretty tight. it took lot of courage to cut it open later, there wasn't much room for scissors.  my daughter was scared and fell silent and produced tears during the cutting open procedure. I had to cheer her up and poking myself with my not that useful left hand. my son gave up cutting open for me because he couldn't sense the scissors sharp points on my skin.

attention: do the left arm so you can cut it open using right hand.

again, something about the artist.He can be passionate about things at times. 

My son's duct tape sign art works. he also made a lot of wallets and two hats. he asked duct tape as his Christmas present. 

he was happy to help with my arm. however, the happiness didn't last at all. he was angry when it came to the body. boring, boring, boring, he kept complaining.

I hope it is universal so I don't feel bad about myself.  It is very as a parent to ask children for help.

 I almost gave up the idea of making a body form after the arm session as it was unimaginable to instruct my son to cut it open from the back. I feared he might explode if I instruct too much or the scissors poke through me and I would have to yell at him very loud because I must need air how can I get it if I was to be wrapped so tight.

then why do you not put a zipper at the back? my son.

what a good son.

so, there goes a long sleeve swim wear I made last summer, a zipper inserted at the center back.

there goes the bad work made by an angry boy.

breasts uneven.
also it was his fault when he was a baby I had hard time nursing him.

here goes my poor scare crow body form.
oh, dear oh dear,I love it.

It helped me realize more about LIFE by showing my self image 3D.
how uneven and weird.
I guess that was why statues usually are made after the famous persons die, otherwise they might be offended.

lots of stuff went inside. and I put a card neck in the center, also uneven, making my shoulders having different width.

let's hope it will last and work for me for the coming ten years, as I am not going to let myself gain weight or wither too much in the coming 10 years. 

that is a plan.

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  1. Haha, u r too funny, but hey! U got it done and that's what matters! Good job both of you!



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