Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dress that has a hole.

all dresses have holes. at least one for the head and two for arms I think; or one hole for head and arms all things considered.
nowadays, people find holes all over dresses.all over. the more the better the sexier....hmmm.

however, this dress has one hole that's very special to my eyes.
I like this particular hole for this particular dress, only because it is made by me and there is only one of it.

Golden trim.............thanks for watching.


  1. that's awesome!

    New visitor from Jenn from www.gibmee.com

  2. Great job! Btw, what is the 3rd pic, the one with the cuts on the pattern? Did you make darts or are those all seams?


    1. hi, I cut it open so to spread the pattern, then glued another piece of paper underneath to get the final version. there is no seams, only pleats. hope I explained it clear:)

  3. OMG she look hot in this dress.. :D
    Great turioral about stiching.
    Pakistani Fashion Clothing

  4. Interesting idea, i'm gonna have a try.


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