Tutorial: making the blazer

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this is the blazer.

this is the old blazer.

this is the silly way.

 I learned how to draft pattern by the best way, also is the silliest way.

some tools..

 more tools. (love tools, can't have enough of them.)

I got the pattern!:)

hand basting. 

after a while.....(omitted many steps..ironing the interfacing, ironing the seams, ironing the corners, sewing a thousand stitches, trimming extra fabrics, poking corners, etc,. )

sleeves. the most complicated thing. just because we have curved bodies. 
sometimes I wish I had a body shape of a cube, so it would be easy to make a slip cover for it. 

After a whole lot while. the blazer was done . ha.
make the lining and put them together. you have a very sharp very nice blazer to go! 
(it is easy to say.)

Thank you!


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