summer dress

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 Summer is finally here. time to reveal some real flash after such a long rainy winter. I am extremely happy because my allergy, oh my allergy, it is gone.

thanks to my allergy doctor and my nose doctor, without them, I might have vanished due to physical pain and mental anguish..bye my allergy.

 normally I draft my own pattern. or, buy discounted pattern, oh, tear up a ready made to copy a pattern. this pattern, however, I bought full price. I do not know why.

no need to brag about my childhood poverty here. but, please remember the reason I sew is because I wanted new cloth, instead of one-outfit-per-year.

 I cherish my childhood memories. when my mom was still my age(and she stays to be the pretties girl in the family). Mom, I love you, even though you never taught me how to sew, and you never sewed for me.

I love this dress.

because I made it.



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