Handmade flowers

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I've been pondering hard about the skills of making this kind of fabric flowers. until one day I found it on the net. of course I was overpowered and excited and was telling everybody about this flower. 

One night, a friend of mine came to my house, a Ph.D student of language culture or some sort. Looking at what I was doing, she said causally, you are making the fabric flowers, what for? let me help you do this, I made a lot of them when I was small...........I was speachlesss------------how come you did not tell me before? I wanted to know how to make them and even  post a question online. .. she said, did you ask me? I thought everybody can make it.........oh, 

somebody is just lucky to have a crafty mom...even when there was not such a thing like internet, she could learn things!

I learned this from simply vintage girl.

click here : simply vintage girl  to see her tutorial. 


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