baby shoes

I made these little baby shoes for my sister and my friend.

they are both expecting babies. and for my sister, this is her first baby, her due date is around April.

I am a little bit nervous, and excited. because she is 38 years old..
but she said everything is fine, not any discomfort at all.

I am flying back home to see them ,her and her baby!

two women both said they are having a boy.
so I had to make them all boyish style..........

..but how could I help? I had to make an extra pair for a girl....
girl ones are so much more lovely, to soften our hearts.

they are made from denim...cotton lining...cotton sole..
12 cm long.

ANYONE is expecting a baby girl?

I'd LIKE to give this pair to her for FREE.

only maybe you pay the shipping if you are not living in Vancouver/Burnaby area.......sorry.

all 12 cm in length. good for 3-6 months old baby, also good for just looking at :)

if you want them, just let me know.


  1. I know someone who would LOVE these adorable baby shoes for her daughter who was born on Jan 16. I would be happy to pay for shipping to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  2. Karen, thank you and I am glad to know that finally somebody is willing to take them home. I've never shipped anything ever since I came to North America two years ago. I am going to check how to ship them and how much is the shipping and if you know please give me some clue. also I'd like to have your friend's address:)

  3. My friend is going to LOVE these for her little girl. She was born on Jan 16 and her name is Natalie Clare. I'll write to you on your gmail account and give you her address and discuss the next steps for shipping and reimbursing you.


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