Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lotus top Remake.

Yesterday's project.

I wanted to make a longer lotus top.

But ended up layering two together.

Here is the result.



It was not very easy to sew something so delicate.

The key is to stay cool.
and patient.

Like once I was talking about I love men who like fishing.
and a man asked me why.

I said because they must be very patient.
(my man never fish so it was just my assumption )

and the man. He laughed in a surprising way.
no way! he said.

Men who fish are all short tempered. They fish so they can practice so they can become a little bit patient if that is what we are talking about. 


I thought, really so? then I remembered people commented about my sewing. It must because you have lots of patience in you....and I protested, I claimed that I was the most impatient person in the world if there was a contest for impatience I would have won the silver medal.

Who knows.
Men who fish.
Women who sew.

The curve at the back actually is easy for this fabric is so soft. silk. it is.

Cap sleeve.

The inside layer just sergered without folding.

Double layered, lined. 
So it is done without bias tape. Just understitching.

Inside out.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tuto: From Huggy Tee to Maxi

This tutorial is to show you 
1: How to lazy stamping. the laziest kind.
2: How to alter a Tee shirt pattern to a maxi dress pattern.

This was my last Friday afternoon project.

I called it a lazy project, because I was in a lazy mood coming home from my volunteer facilitating meeting, after candle lights and yoga stretches and talking about our Mums as it was for celebrating mother's day. Last week. 

Now it seems so so remote.
Only one week, if you think about it.
The world is totally changed.

No one talks about Mums any more except for those who call you Mum. They still call you everyday, which is very comforting.

Think about the comfort.
The things don't change much.

Step 1 : Use knit, jersey. Light weight. It is a long dress don't make it heavy.

You will need:
Acrylic paint. craft foam piece cut into a circle. a piece of wood. a tray. a brush. 
Glue the circle onto the wood block. Paint the foam using the brush,
and go on stamping. 

My stamp was from another project which I used black.

Heat set by ironing each dot for about 10 seconds using cotton setting.(what I did)

Then sew the dress.

Pattern making 

It doesn't have to be the particular Huggy tee; any tee shirt pattern that you think may fits your need. Either loose fitting ones or semi fitted ones, I personally like the maxi top to be fitted and tight. It is absolutely your own choice.

Click to see big pictures!

 Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Monday, May 12, 2014

I am making a video

I am happy that I got the opportunity to be one of the lucky people participating the digital story telling project sponsored by our local library and city art council. we will be making a short video and get to show them later, in the fall.

I was very excited as I've never thought about making a video, how easy it is or how hard. This time it is like a homework, an assignment. I can only finish things under pressures like such. I guess it is the education, the oriental style education made me so, only work if it is for homework.

I will be posting some pictures that I am going to collect for my digital story. Later we will be trained by a handsome guy in the Mac Lab. I am not a mac person, about 20 some years ago I've touched it a bit.

Anyways,  I am happy.

And this is the photo I did the first night I decided to join. My girl is really happy with the result!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Block Block Skirt Style 4: Strip Mini from recycled jeans.

The original inspiration of this skirt came from the love of old jeans, the feelings of denim fabrics, and contrast colour combinations.

This is one of the 5 styles of my series of Block Block Skirt.

the No.4

A patchwork mini skirt made from two pairs of man's jeans.

This pattern has 16 pieces. 8 for skirt front and 8 for skirt back.Add a side zipper then it is done.

Super easy to sew. 

The mini skirt shown above was lined. 

The pattern does not including the lining pattern.

However, the lining pattern is coming soon.

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