1 Post/Day Day 5:Tailored Jackets

It is late now. 

But it is still Today. 

It is always today if you think about it. Present.

Just post some pictures of some Tailored jackets that I did during the summer.

Students' final projects for garment construction course, I suppose.

How much do you have to love this subject in order to study , to finish some homework, that is not even your own size... I just wonder. So it is very reasonable, even smart if you pay other people to do it for you. I, for one, absolutely think it is a great idea.

Save some time, enjoy the summer.


I like to look at  tailored jackets and coats...But I don't like wear them.  Not comfortable or maybe I have an irregular body shape. 

Women tend to blame themselves for things. Often I let a girl try on  a piece of cloth and ask her if the thing is comfortable or not. She would say, I am too big, or my arms are too short. Something like that. 

Or probably they are just being nice to me, being protective for my feelings:)

I won't say I am a tailor. I am not a man first of all. But I was called "our tailor" for a long time when I was working in our store, my friend's , to be exact. She was my boss and now stays a friend. I was the seamstress, but they kept using the word "Tailor". 

Before me, it was an old gentleman worked there.  Also because the way we use this language as new comers.  (Some words are never known to us and we don't want to learn more about it. )


a few words more about Jackets.

Even all men  in my life hate tailored jackets. I believe it is just because they don't get the chance to own the nicest ones.  I have to blame them, not the Tailored Jackets which I chose to respect. For I have to respect the skills ,time and mechanics that are involved in the making of them. 

an ancient trade.

Until tomorrow. 


I broke my printer! 

Apparently, There isn't any better way to start a day, a Monday! 

Before the pictures I have to vent out my story of the day....

It happened like this. I've been sick during the weekend, since last Friday. Thanks for the virus my son brought home and my 3 hour per day editing pictures for my blog and my pressure that I gave myself to do 21 work days post .

Like I am a regular 9 to 5 person.

This morning I felt so much better .It is raining and cool .After I got back from dropping off my girl I started ACTION right away to get my printer ready and, Right away, sure enough, 
I dropped the paper holder , it went Crack, bummmp, and my heart just sank.

The holder, which, later , I found out, as all and every part of the machine, is very Expensive.160$ at least. 
For me at least. The price is simply Too painful to look at.

It was so sad, so so so sad. But I refused to cry over the spilled milk and went online calmly to try to find a deal and replace it before the ink drys out for lack of printing activities and too bad there is no deal, especially no deals for Canadian people. 

I called and, no, sorry, mam, no free shipping to Canada. for sure.

I calmly started my other plan, that is to stay still and unemotional. 

Compare to death, this is simply Nothing.
Nothing at all. To save a day, this is my great trick to save the day, to compare everything to the great ending.

Yes, Madam, everything is manageable. 

I was planing to print out this cape pattern so I can make another one , hopefully using a red wool...as I did some adjustment to the pattern so I can do something, at least something interesting for the Fall.

Too bad. not for today, not for many days. I need very badly to figure out how to do something to the holder so it works which is probably not likely.. That printer did give me lots of trouble.

So, Until tomorrow..Hope my husband won't find out (the shattered holder cap) so soon.


Thanks Lisa for the photos!

1 Post/Day 3: Lotus Top Sew along

I found out I really like blogging.

It is a cleaning up process.

Going through files. Get organized. Put things back on shelves.

Like that.

Today, I take the chance to post the lotus top sew along that I did during the summer.

It is a fairly easy , beginner level garment to sew. Hope you will enjoy sewing it.

40 pictures in total.

(and I skipped the pockets part)

1 Post/Day 2: More Tops

I woke up around 3 am. This has been my sleep pattern for a while. I am always puzzled by the feeling that was in me around 3 am---I can’t do anything. 

The mind is eager to be alert and the body is aching to go back to rest.

I do exercise regularly?Yes I do. I just tell people to exercise for whatever trouble they have in their lives; and people tell me to exercise whenever I have tiny complaints. So, that is suppose to be the one-size-for-all cure.

Ok. It is irrelevant to sewing. Did I promise to blog only about sewing?

I did promise to post 21 projects. 

So the first thing on my list to day is to sit down with Sarah Brightman’s divine high note voice, looking through my picture folders.

I found more linen things that I did last month. and also these more tops. 
Here are some of the pictures.

Lotus top version two---I changed the sleeves slightly so it has more room for arm lifting.( heavy lifting I suppose like dumb bells.) Also I did alter the pattern files so it has many layers each contains one size and it is need to be listed soon, very soon. Je l'ai promis.

Also, pockets. If you look carefully you can see one  on this leaves print top.

I am listing this floral top on my shop site. 

It has been worn only once for this photo shoot. 

I made this one for the pattern fitting and pictures.
I love this 100% cotton fall leaves  print but I don't wear prints that often.

It should fits a person with bust measurement 82cm to 87cm (32 inch to 34 inch) 
The side seams (from underarm to hem) measures 35.5 cm (14inch)

It is a size Small
UK size 8/10 
US size 2/4
EU size 36
Japan Size 11

Click here if you are interested.

This is a linen sleeveless version that I made for one of my designer client. 
It is an interesting design 2 tone style.

100% linen. She ordered high quality linen from Denmark. 

It is made to order to order please send me a note.

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